West Caln Township

721 West Kings Hwy
PO Box 175
Wagontown, PA 19376



The Zoning Ordinance can be found under The Code of the Township of West Caln by clicking on the link below. Simply click on the link, scroll down and click on Zoning. PLEASE NOTE...ALL OF THE ORDINANCES LISTED SEPARATELY BELOW HAVE NOW BEEN INCORPORATED INTO THE ZONING ORDINANCE.



Installation of Facilities & Alteration of Right-of-Ways

1954 Disorderly Conduct

1957 Objectionable Establishments

1960 Mobile Home Ordinance

1964 Trailer Ordinance

1968 Cerfew Ordinance

1970 Amendments to the Trailer & Mobile Home Ordinances

1972 Earned Income Tax

1974 Road Occupancy Permits

1975 Mobile Home Parks

1978 Speed Limits

1982 Restricted Truck Access on Township Roads

1982 Waste Disposal Ordinance

1984 Traffic Speed Ordinance for Timing Devices

1986 Off Street Parking

1987 Loitering

1988 Intergovernmental Cooperation Act

1992 Amendment of the Mobile Home Park Ordinance

1992 Water Conservation

1993 Community Antenna Television Ordinance

1993 Street Address Numbers

1994 Alarm Device Ordinance

1994 Junkyard Ordinance

1995 Amendment to the Junkyard Ordinance

1995 Creation of the West Caln Townsip Planning Commission

1995 Creation of the West Caln Township Historical Commission

1995 Fire Prevention Code

1997 Fire Hydrants

1988 Penalty Provisions for All Ordinances

1996 Ordinance Penalty Provisions

1997 Updated Ordinance Penalty Provisions

1997 Creation of West Caln Recreational Board

2000 Private Driveways

2001 Amusement Tax Ordinance

2004 Uniform Construction Code

2004 Hazardous Materials Incident Cost Recovery Ordinance

2004 Volunteer Fire Companies Reimbursement

2004 Solid Waste & Recycling Ordinance

2006 Adoption of West Caln Township Zoning Ordinance of 2005

2006 Zoning Ordinance Amendment

2007 Zoning Ordinance Amendment

2007 Zoning Map Amendment

2007 Real Estate Transfer Tax

2008  Zoning Ordinance Amendment - SRR & RR Bulk Regulations

2008 Dog Ordinance

2008 International Property Maintenance Code

2008 Holding Tank Ordinance

2009 Western Chester County UCC Appeals Board

2011 RR Zoning District Amendment

2014 Storm Water Managment

2017 Zoning Ordinance Corrections

2017 Floodplain

2017 Neighborhood Blight Reclamation And Revitalization

2018 Fire Insurance Escrow

2018 Nuisance Ordinance

2019 Parks & Rec Rules & Regulations Ordinance

2019 Property Maintenance Code

2021 Animal Control Ordinance 

2021 Sewer Management Ordinance 2021

2021 West Caln Township Ordinance to Vacate Neal Road 2021

2021Verizon Cable Francise Agreement

2022 Peddling & Solicitation