West Caln Township

721 West Kings Hwy
PO Box 175
Wagontown, PA 19376

Zoning Hearing Board

Purusant to the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code (MPC), Act of 1968 every municipality which has enacted or enacts a zoning ordinance shall create a Zoning Hearing Board.  The purpose of this board is to hear issues that require variance relief or special exception from requirements set forth in the zoning ordinance.  

West Caln Township's Zoning Hearing Board consists of three members and one alternate.  Meetings are held on an "as needed" basis, not on a monthly basis as all of the other Township Commissions/Boards.  Pursuant to the MPC, meetings are advertised in a newspaper or general circulation as they arise and notice is provided to surrounding property owners with 500' of the subject location. Metings are held at the township building, 721 W Kings Highway, Coatesville, PA commencing at 7:00pm unless otherwise noted below: 

Tuesday, May 23rd:   245 Cambridge Road (Applicant: Lowe) - Variance relief from Sections 1101.A.2(c), Section 1101.A.3 and Section 1205.A.  NOTE: A hearing on this matter was held on April 19, 2023 . The upcoming date is for the Board to render a decision only. No testimony will be heard this evening.

Tuesday, June 1st: 298 Reid Road (Applicant: Fisher) - Variance relief from Section 1212.A;   249 Beacon Light Road (Applicant: Fisher) - Variance releif from Section 350-602.B.2(e)

Tuesday, June 6th: 1481 Birdell Road (Applicant: Hashem) - Variance relief from Section 702.B.5. NOTE: This hearing will be held at the Wagontown Fire House, 412 W. Kings Highway, Coatesville

Thursday, June 8th: 1354 Airport Road (Applicant: Denbraven) - Appeal from Notice of Violation pursuant to Section 350-1700 and variance relief from Section 350-1101.A.2(c) and 350-1101.A.3;    100 Hatchery Drive (Applicant: Leon) - Variance relief from Section 350-1212.A